Hidden Markov Model part-of-speech tagging library and utility suite



Please note that the packages in this section are hopelessly outdated. Building from source is recommended.

Related Packages

  • WASTE tokenizer
    Word- and sentence tokenizer using libmoot for disambiguation, described in Jurish and Würzner (2013). The WASTE library and runtime utilities are included with moot source distributions >= v2.0.10.
  • mootm
    Finite-state morphological analyzer for use with moot. Users must supply their own morphological transducer. Note that this packge replaces the integrated morphological component described in Jurish (2003).
  • flex++bison++-0.0.6.tar.gz
    My (old, unmaintained) port of Alain Coetmeur's C++ ports of the famous lexer/parser generator pair. If you're having trouble compiling from CVS, you might try installing this package. Current versions should be available from:
  • Getopt::Gen
    A perl module for generating command-line parsers and .pod documentation from specification files. You might need this to compile from CVS.